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Large Animals Service I Springtown Texas I Thompson Veterinary Service


Our big animals need love too! 

That is why our very own Dr. Thompson makes those necessary house calls to service the large animals that are most comfortable in their own environment. 

Call today for all your large animals needs.

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Horse/Equine Services

We can take care of your equine and keep them healthy. 

Cattle/Bovine Services

We provide bovine services to keep your livestock healthy.  

Sheep & Goats Services

We provide services to keep your sheep and herds healthy.  

Services for Large Animals:

  • Physical exams

  • Artificial insemination - fresh & frozen semen

  • Semen collection from stallions

  • Equine dental care - pneumatic floats

  • Lameness Exams

  • Pre-purchase exams

  • Health certificates for Interstate and Canadian transport

  • Freeze branding

  • Bovine herd health

  • Pregnancy diagnosis by ultrasound

  • Necropsy (autopsy)

  • Farm calls

  • Dehorning of bovines and goats

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