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Client Testimonials


Thank you for the time and compassion needed to spend with our baby, Frodo. Everyone was so attentive and showed great concern for us and tended to everyone's wishes and needs. Y'all went above what was expected. This was one of our hardest days ever. Glad we chose Thompson Vet. Services.


Dr. Thompson and his staff are great! He is the kindest and most knowledgeable veterinarian I've ever worked with. His love for animals shines brightly!!!


Customer Service, Other, Timeliness

Very friendly. Always acknowledges people as they come in.


My husky, Balto, was loved on and given all the attention he could ever want. The staff were sincere and knowledgeable. Best experience I have had at a veterinary.


Professional & friendly service. I was even offered water  or coffee  while waiting for Dr. Thompson. Top notch clinic!



Everything about this office is awesome , the staff , the location , and their attentiveness. The vet himself is very knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I am beyond pleased to have been referred to this clinic , I feel my dog is as well!

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